“Just How Important is Parental Support,” available for viewing on YouTube

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Excellent information over three days by education specialists, including my presentation, “Just How Important is Parental Support,” available for viewing on YouTube. Thank you again for having me, and for those in my session, for such excellent omments and questions.

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Early Childhood Educational Conference 2022:

Honored and excited to be speaking at this free virtual conference, continued learning opportunity, @Arizonauniversityglobalcampus.

Press Release:


The UAGC Department of Education and Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the 2022 Early Childhood Education Virtual Conference. This three-day event includes several high-quality professional development experiences that are free and open to all individuals interested in early childhood education. Please visit the ECE Site (Links to an external site.) to learn more about the conference, register for the event, and see all that this expanding ECE virtual learning community has to offer.

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How do we First Acquire Language?

There are many theories to how and why we acquire language. “One of the most important insights of language acquisition research dur­ing the past decades is the finding that grammatical development proceeds through invariant developmental sequences, that is, that the acquisition of crucial grammatical properties follows an order which is largely the same across individuals” (Meisel, 2011, p. 241). With this in mind, educators play a crucial role in children learning not only the acquisition of language as a whole, but also the intricate details involved with understanding and properly utilizing written language. 

How do you see yourself changing your instruction to meet the various academic needs of your students?

There is a great link below on how we begin teach… these skills in our little ones.  Often times we do this without even knowing it!  This link will go over some strategies we can do to aid in the process of language development.

How to Support Your Child’s Language Development:


Meisel, J. M. (2011). First and second language acquisition. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Early Childhood Chatter Podcast:

January 12, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST, I will be speaking about the “importance of parental support in the classroom” for the University of Arizona’s Early Childhood Chatter Podcast! I would love for you to tune in and grab some fantastic educational nuggets to add to your teaching bucket. For more information about this “live” podcast and the direct link please see below….

Early Childhood Chatter Podcast:https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/early-childhood-chatter-dr-stephanie-heald-Q2VNZ3aXUCm/

Podcast Title:  

Just how important is parental support in the classroom?

Podcast Summary:

One of the most important factors in a student’s success is parental involvement.  So, whether you are an educator or a parent how you view your student’s or your child’s education can either contribute to their academic success or hinder their ability to succeed.

It has been my experience that when you have gained the parents’ trust your students will not only try harder, but you will begin to see an increase in learning gains as well as a path to a more joyful school year.

3 Takeaways for listeners:

Tune in for some great take-aways….

1 Challenge for the listeners:

I will also be giving thought provoking challenges to keep you analyzing your practice….


Today we had the most wonderful time getting our hands dirty, feeding the birds, and learning about nature.

Our boys wanted to see the birds come closer to the window in the morning. So after contemplating how to achieve this task we decided to lure them in with some tasty treats.

We found pinecones in our local park, brought them home, and spread peanut butter all over them, and sprinkled them with birdseed.

Not only did our boys have fun learning about nature and how to feed birds, but we also accomplished the task of bringing the birds to us!

Learn in the moment…

Understanding Sequencing using Flow Maps:

One of the things I really love incorporating into my children’s learning time is thinking maps. This brain-based research helps in the retrieval of information through the use of visual patterns.

Reading a story and learning to read can be brought to life as students create their own Flow Maps to display what they’ve learned.

Help your student or your child show what they’ve learned through creating their own representation of the contact they have internalized.

Remember keep learning relevant, fun, and exciting!


Letters to Santa:

We had so much fun hashing out what the boys want Santa to bring them and making Christmas goodie bags for our school friends.

Even though we are gluten and dairy free we found some delicious gluten and dairy free chocolate cookies and milk!

Purposeful activities and learning in the moment….

Make learning fun and create experiences that will last a lifetime.

See below for some of our favorite gluten and dairy free chocolate cookies and milk.

Organizing Learning Centers:

Organization is key I believe in the success of everything that you do in life. This couldn’t be more true in learning environments as well as in the classrooms. I remember spending hours drawing out designs for my classroom and even midway through the year redesigning the look of my classroom.

Consider where your children’s learning environment is. Is it close to a window? Do they get lots of sunshine and fresh air? Is it inviting and visually stimulating?

This was my project a couple of days ago, re-organizing my learning centers. I moved chairs and desks by the window as well as created more of an open space for manipulatives.

Organizing your space and having every learning manipulative including books, pencils, and crayons at your fingertips makes learning so much smoother!

Remember planning out your day in advance and thinking through what you want your students to learn helps to better prepare you to meet your students learning needs.

Make learning relevant and fun!!

Learning about Responsibility and Measuring Skills…

I would have never guessed we’d adopt a kitten while going to get an oil change, but that is exactly what happened yesterday.

When I realized our Tahoe was on 1% oil and it was not going to make it to our Saturday appointment at the Chevy dealer I pulled in for an emergency oil change with both boys hoping it was going to be quick as we had lots of thanksgiving prepping to do.

I am convinced we were meant to be there at that very moment…. As we sat there in the lobby a lady walked in with three kittens born right there at the Chevy dealer.

Well… what a learning experience this was! Not only did we adopt little “Chevy,” but our boys have been learning responsibility and measuring skills. They have been taking turns measuring formula to bottle feed Chevy, watching him, taking him potty, and carefully playing with him.

Remember involving your little one in everyday learning experiences will create learning that is meaningful and long term.